Kim Finger, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Learn About ABA Building Blocks

Kim Finger, Ph.D., established ABA Building Blocks (ABB) with the goal of creating a consulting and business services firm dedicated to ABA, autism, and special needs providers.

In the late 1980s, Kim was first introduced to ABA when working as a therapist at Benhaven, a school and group home for severely challenged children and adults whose school systems lacked the resources to serve them. Since then, Kim’s career has largely been focused on the business side of ABA.

For several years, Kim served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST), where she collaborated with the company’s founders to create a scalable clinical and operational infrastructure that helped AST grow to become one of the top ABA providers in the US.

Before starting ABB, Kim served as the COO and then the CEO of CodeMetro, Inc., the business that produced NPAWorks, the original specialized ABA practice management software system. While working at CodeMetro, Kim established the nation’s first Insurance Billing Department that was solely dedicated to ABA billing. During her tenure at CodeMetro, Kim expanded the company’s offerings to include cutting-edge service packages, such as outsourced scheduling, ABA business coaching for start-ups, and outsourced payroll processing thereby allowing ABA business owners to concentrate on offering top-notch clinical services while outsourcing their administrative duties. The number of employees and independent contractors at CodeMetro increased from 12 to over 75 throughout the course of Kim’s seven years there, and the company’s income increased on average by 50% annually.

In 2021, Kim established ABA M&A LLC, which she later combined with ABA Building Blocks in 2023. With this combination, ABA Building Blocks’ list of services now includes mergers and acquisitions in the ABA sector.

Kim received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Connecticut with a focus on developmental disabilities, as well as a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont University.

Kim also worked at Corporate Coaching International for a number of years, where she gained knowledge of business operations and the principles of management and leadership.

Leadership Team

Our mission is to provide premier products and services tailored to meet the needs of ABA and special needs providers. We assist companies across the globe, large and small, start-ups and well-established companies to meet their business goals utilizing industry best practices shared by our team of experts. We are passionate about what we do and appreciate the opportunity to support companies providing much needed services to individuals with autism.

Belen Arredondo, MS, HCM

Chief Operating Officer

Noelle Lopez

Dir. of Revenue Cycle Management

Abril Maya

Client Services Manager

Elizabeth Monday

Chief Clinical Officer

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